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Weskusontheline is an INDEPENDENT community-based initiative to keep locals from Langebaan and surrounds informed about important issues that affect them directly and to provide a central, professional media platform to showcase the beauty and assets of the West Coast and its people to the whole wide world – BY the community, FOR the community.

Our website www.weskusontheline.co.za and accompanying Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/weskus123 have proven to be extremely popular and in great demand with a daily FB post reach of between 25 000 to 65 000; while the website hits toppled the 250 000 mark for September and reached  396 000 in October and 500 000 plus in November 2016 . . . not bad for a 3-month old initiative?

At this rate we hope to reach and maintain our 1 million target audience throughout 2017.

The popularity of, and demand for such an independent media platform probably stem from the fact that the Langebaan area does not have its own independent newspaper and thus communication regarding important municipal and other matters is inadequate. The numerous FB groups (63 in total!) only divide the community further and contribute to scattered misinformation being spread.


That said, weskusonTheline is still in its baby shoes and we hope to develop it into a formidable, multi-functional professional media platform to support and expand the efficiency of existing communication tools and newspapers in the area – to keep residents informed, address important issues and be a watchdog and spokesperson to those who cannot speak for themselves. Once a week we also share our top-articles nationally and internationally and it is heart-warming to see how many expats LOVE to follow news about their beloved WESKUS!

This can only be achieved with the help, input and support from local businesses and experts. We will truly appreciate your expertise, input and support in this regard. We are developing and fine-tuning advertising space and tools on our website to also offer a central and permanent marketing platform for businesses at very low cost – mainly because we WANT to showcase our unique and innovative peeps and the variety of services offered along the West Coast. All advertisements are permanently displayed ON the news platform – no matter what article / category you read, the ads follow you!


Prices: Business card size : R250 per month;
            Banner size : R500 per month;
            Banner size PLUS advertorial/photos and regular update of photos:  R1 000 per month


Please email photos/advertisements in JPEG format to editor@weskusontheline.co.za or phone us @ 0842401540 if you need help with advertorials or design.


Kind regards,


Elsa Wessels
ewes@mweb.co.za / editor@weskusontheline.co.za



PS. Please first CHECK our website and Facebook page before you reply . . .  and please help us to SHOWCASE the West Coast and to play WATCHDOG in order to protect the assets of this unique region for generations to come . . . ?




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