They don’t look nerdy or anything like the regular myopic computer fundis. In fact, neither wear glasses or contact lenses and rather resemble the outdoor, sporty type, fresh from college on a boating or surfing holiday, than being devoted family men and partners in a multi-purpose computer and signage business.

The owners of The WORKS West Coast in Langebaan are two clean-cut “plattelandse boykies” with shy smiles whose paths kept crossing in unusual and unexpected places and ways – from Upington and Hermanus to Iraq – until it brought them together in Langebaan.

Benji Truter (32) and Marco Rossouw (31) have more than their “wholesome small town upbringing” in common. Both are creative, and love and understand the inner and outer workings of modern technology. Their joint aim is to provide a comprehensive, professional and outstanding all-in-one-stop computer and vinyl signage business for the entire West Coast.

Benji, who grew up in Franschhoek, is no newcomer to Langebaan. His grandparents lived here and he spent many happy school holidays at his family’s holiday house in Langebaan.

“I have always loved the West Coast and don’t ever want to move from here,” he declared.

Marco, a native from Upington in the Northern Cape on the banks of the Orange River, is a relative newcomer to life along the wild, windy West Coast, but is fast adapting to the four-seasons-in-a-day weather.

They share a mutual love, interest and talent for computers since childhood and were both trying to find their niche in the competitive market when they first met in 2006 in Upington, where Benji landed in his quest to enter the industry.

Marco has worked at an internet Cafe and computer business in Upington which his father later bought from the previous owner after Marco spent two years gaining experience in the telecommunication and internet business in England.

After a year in Upington, where they worked together, Benji moved to the Overberg where he first worked in Gansbaai and then in Hermanus. Six months later, Marco followed suit and they remained in contact ever since.

“We worked at various places where we could get internships to gain experience and get a foot in the door.”

Benji eventually landed in Langebaan where he worked for a while at his aunt’s TV centre. In 2013 he landed a job as inspection coordinator in the Quality Control division of a unit in Iraq. He then helped Marco to secure a position in another department at the same unit, and for the next three years they experienced the life of a contract worker in a war torn country in the Middle East.

“The money was good, but it was tough. They are very strict – not even beer is allowed! – and we were restricted to our compound. We worked on a rotation basis and thus luckily could come home every 6 weeks or so . . . ”

Benji’s 3 year contract in Iraq ended in April last year. When he returned to Langebaan, he immediately set the wheels rolling to start a computer and vinyl signage business where Marco and he could offer a variety of services in their respective fields of expertise. Marco’s contract ended in December last year and ever since the two have been working non-stop to establish The Works in the Bay Centre in Langebaan.

“While we both love working with computers, Marco excels in developing business systems while I also love designing and creating vinyal signages for buildings, vehicles, windows and outdoor boards.

“Besides providing the whole spectrum of computer-related services – from sales, repairs, upgrades and network installation to IT consulting and custom-built computers – we plan to expand the business to also incorporate all aspects of vinyal signage. That’s why we chose the name The WORKS – we truly want to offer the whole tutti.”

Their new venture and home ground midway between Franschhoek and Upington seems to suit both well. When they are not attending to the whims and wants of customers, Marco and his wife Melanie enjoy the coastal beauty of Britannia Bay where they stay. Benji and his wife, Shelley, have their hands full with their twin baby girls of almost 10 months, Carla and Emma.

Time for any hobbies or outdoor exercise?

Says Benji: “Neither of us are macho sportsmen or into fishing or surfing . . . Marco keeps fit by regularly going to the gym. I always liked cycling and nowadays I love biking, but at present the twins are my gym and I seldom have the time or energy to even ride my bike!”

PHOTOS: Benji and Marco with their loved ones and examples of their work.

SHOP 6, Bay Centre, Langebaan.
Tel: 022 772 0589

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