Cape Party to force Government to foot bill for sustainable water supply projects

The Cape Party has forcefully entered the national drought crisis and is making an urgent appeal to skilled professionals and businesses  – locally and abroad – to provide proposals for sustainable water supplying projects to be funded by the Government.

On Friday 2 February, the Cape Party filed an urgent interdict at the Western Cape High Court to have the drought in the Western Cape, including the City of Cape Town, declared a National Disaster.

Two days before the Court Hearing the National Government declared the national emergency.

Spokesperson for the Cape Party, adv. Carlo Viljoen, this week issued a media release asking the public to come forward with detailed proposals for projects that will ensure abundant, sustainable water supply.

“The declaration of a national disaster is the fundamental requirement to have our sustainable water augmentation and emergency water supply funded by the national government who should rightly carry the bill for the water crisis.

“The declaration ensures that our drought get first priority over everything else, in the allocation of resources, planning, manpower, funding and the curtailing of extensive red tape.

“The Cape Party’s next step is to make a global call on all skilled professionals, companies and other countries to provide us with detailed proposals on projects that will ensure our abundant, sustainable water supply.

Photo: Adv. Carlo Viljoen

“Then when the people have decided which project or projects they require us to implement, the Cape Party will then enforce its implementation in terms of the Disaster Management Act, using the declaration of a national disaster as our weapon.

“Graham Tek is a well-known, established desalination plant builder who has systems running around the world and he have already requested them to submit a proposal.

“In terms of the Disaster Management Act, this project must be funded by the national government.

“The declaration of a national disaster is the fundamental requirement to ensure that national government gives priority over everything else to the disaster at hand.

“It ensures the allocation of resources, planning, manpower, funding and the curtailing of extensive red tape.

“This disaster is the direct consequence of ANC’S destructive politics and the DA being ineffective in dealing with the ANC.

“We hope that all Kaaplanders regardless of their politics will support us in this very important matter.”

Yours faithfully

Advocate Carlo J. Viljoen
B-juris LLB APM

Mobile:  084 511 5866
Landline: 022 492 2026
Fax:  086 297 5204

* The Cape Party stands for greater economic and political independence
for the Cape.

We are being robbed economically.
We are being racially and culturally oppressed.
It is our choice! We can end this and build a prosperous country!

If the ANC-controlled South African government will not negotiate with us to stop its policy of persecution against the Cape and its people, then we will be forced to pursue our only option…

Through legal and peaceful means we will strive towards a democratic referendum in which we, the people of the Cape, may decide our own future and destiny as an independent state… The Cape Republic.

  • The Cape Party (CAPE) is a political party in South Africa which seeks to use all constitutional and legal means to bring about independence for the Western CapeNorthern Cape (excluding two districts),[2] six municipalities in the Eastern Cape, and one municipality in the Free State.[3] The area includes all municipalities in those provinces with an Afrikaans-speaking majority. In 2009, it had a membership of approximately 1000 people across South Africa which has grown to over 10 000 by 2017.[4][1]

It is registered with the Independent Electoral Commission and was on the provincial ballot of the Western Cape in the South African general elections of 2009,[5] where it received 2552 votes.[6] It stood again for the municipal elections in 2016.[7] where it received 4,473 votes.

During November 2017 it part took in by elections for the Brackenfell Ward wherein the Cape Party received 18.72% of the vote, it took second place after the DA. [8]

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